In the art world, you're nobody until somebody who's somebody says you’re somebody.

But how do I secure the endorsement that makes my career soar?

The answer? Behave like Donald Trump

Why strive for achievement when you can fake it?
Why hope for endorsements from those you admire, when you can invent them?
Why work through the system, if you can Trump the system?

Here is a man who fails upwards on a grandiose scale.
He builds not with innovation, invention, or hard work, but with guile, hyperbole, and deceit.

He succeeds with lies.

Maybe I've been going about this the wrong way.

I made a list of art world giants. Celebrated artists, photographers and gallerists. People whose whispers create careers.

Then I found people with the same names as these art luminaries.

And I asked them to talk about me.